Welcome! We’ve compiled some pictures of the best things to see & do in Vancouver that we’ve been able to experience. We hope that we can be a part of your experience too.

We provide private, customized excursions & activities tailored to your interests with a foodie emphasis. Some of the incredible dishes and items we’ve discovered are shown below, but not all, you’ll have to discover some for yourself.

We Want To Add Your Best Vancouver Experiences Too

We love hearing from our guests. We also think Vancouver is the most amazing city and we are very proud to live here. Send us your tour images to display online so we can show everyone how fantastic our city is!

Best of Vancouver


Check back for more great photos, there’s also some amazing foodie dishes on our Instagram page. Better yet, come see for yourself! We invite you to come and experience this beautiful city and its surroundings. No crowded tour buses or boring walks – come and have an experience like no other with Vivre Foodie Adventure Tours.