Meet Your Tour Guides

All of our tour guides are local Vancouverites who know the best places to visit, hike and eat! Experience Vancouver with a local, like a local.

Ray Wong

Biking Tour Lead


Ray is as local as one can get being born, and having lived, in Vancouver his whole life. However, that has not stopped his hunger to travel the world to seek new adventures as often as possible. He has gone on tours by others during his travels to learn about local experiences abroad and would also like to share his own local experience with visitors to Vancouver.

Ray always  craves a good meal after a long day of activity, weekend trip, or world travel to reflect on what he has just experienced. He enjoys being outdoors, especially anything to do with mountains, whether it be biking & hiking in the summer, or skiing & snowshoeing in the winter.

Leslie Brugger, RN

Outdoor Adventure & Wellness Tour Lead


Leslie is the founder of LoLoHealth Co. and is a registered nurse with a degree from McMaster University and a Nutrition & Health degree from UBC. She aims to enrich people with health and healing beyond caring for patients in the hospital and reach people with guidance and positivity before they ever become ill.

Leslie is a huge foodie as well as a health & science junkie. Her goal with LoLoHealth Co. is to clarify misinformation or misconceptions about nutrition and make healthy food choices simple and attainable. She loves living in North Vancouver for the community and the beautiful surrounding mountains. She enjoys hiking, biking and all things outdoors where she can take in the amazing North Shore landscape.

Karen Mooder, PhD

WSET Level 3, Sommelier
Wine Experiences Tour Lead


Karen is an evolutionary geneticist whose scientific art and skill arises from a curiosity to describe and compare genetic markers in both humans and microorganisms. She is also completely mesmerized by wine, enabled by extensive travels through vineyards of British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, California and France. This passion has inspired her to expand her scientific eye to help people better understand the factors and processes behind winemaking to enable a more meaningful wine tasting experience with Zymovinum – The Mobile Sommelier.

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Connection and engagement with individuals and groups is at the heart of everything Karen does. She offers a number of unique features in her facilitated wine tastings by focusing on environmental, wine production and sensory factors informing the composition and quality of the wines being experienced. 

When not talking or thinking about wine, Karen spends her days outside, frequently paddleboarding Vancouver’s coastal waters, accompanied by her husband and their 125 lb Newfoundland dog.


Joey Dong

Tour Director

Joey has a family history in the restaurant and hospitality business. During his career as the CEO of a Technology Services company he has spent many years entertaining local and visiting clients, taking them out for some fun & cool experiences usually involving special wining and dining.

Being a huge ‘people person’, Joey’s passion is connecting with people through food experiences. He really believes that food brings people from diverse backgrounds together and the ‘work to eat’ philosophy . He believes that it’s alright to not like something , as long as you’ve at least tried it once. Life is about new experiences and the stories that come out of those special activities.

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Joey has led some amazing tours through the local Porsche Club and is a huge car and bike enthusiast. He is a major foodie and has travelled to Asia and most of South America including Argentina, Chile and Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympics with the Omega Watch Group (yes, he’s a watch guy too) and has participated in many unique wine tours during his travels.

Home is still Vancouver which offers the ultimate platform for year round experiences and activities and has some of the most unique and diverse restaurants being such a multicultural city.

Lisa Heyno

Green Thumb Tour Lead

Lisa is our resident green thumb and houseplant stylist! She not only makes her own concrete pots and planters, she has over 100 thriving houseplants.

As a geomorphologist teaching in ecological restoration, she is passionate about nature and the environment and is excited to share her knowledge with like-minded enthusiasts.

Join Lisa on your next plant adventure and follow along with her @westcoasturbanplanter, and her new page: @westcoasturbancreations below.

Cindy Lo

Asian Foodie Tour Lead

Cindy is a local foodie who has been there, done that! She loves exploring all the food Vancouver has to offer: from fine dining to hidden gems and it’s time to share the fun!

Cindy believes a great meal is so much more than good food. The way the experience connects people is what makes a place impressionable. This is why Asian food always has a special place in her heart – most, if not all, things are made to share! Let her show you where to find the best XLB, the most authentic sushi and the dim sum that reminds her of home.

Looking for Cindy? Find her at a dim sum restaurant during the day and a cocktail bar at night!